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William’s Army Discharge – 1877

Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London.

The service record for my gg grandfather William Hall is one of a  half million records of men who were pensioned out of the British Army between 1873 and 1900 and who received a pension administered through the Royal Hospital at Chelsea that have been added to the online Chelsea Pensioners database at Aged or disabled servicemen (and later women) were in-pensioners, actually living in the Royal Hospital. William was an out-pensioner, which means he received his pension at home.

charity logoThe service record I found on Find My Past UK for my ancestor consisted of six pages. These pages included William’s attestation papers, his transfer to different regiments during his career, his medical record, the reasons for his disability discharge, and the final decision that he could retire in 1877. At the time William was in the British Army, men enlisted for 21 years.  He had served his first ten years and then re-enlisted for 11 more years while stationed at Bangalore in 1866. When he applied for a disability discharge, he had 20 years and 261 days of service. By the time his disability discharge was approved by the medical staff, he had actually served more than his required 21 years.

William’s time in the service and his eventual discharge are a little hard for me to follow, even when looking at all sources I have for these topics. His medical record indicates that he came to Wellington Cantonment on January 4, 1876, and was a patient in the hospital from September 19 to September 26. As I mentioned before, his diagnosis was Muscular Rheumatism, his treatment was local applications, and the cause of his ailment was climate of India. On September 19, 1876, a notation was made on his record that he would be invalided and sent home after the winter (October, November, and December in India).

Remember that William’s daughter Florence Edith died at the age of two on September 27 and was buried at Wellington on September 28. I can’t figure out the exact sequence of events until the family eventually returned to Perth. William was invalided to England on December 14, 1876. I don’t know if his family returned home at the same time he did. William’s petition for discharge waas approved on May 31, 1877, by the medical board at Netley. His final discharge was effective June 11, 1877, and he planned to reside in Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.

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A Sad and Puzzling Day – 9/27/1876

When I first discovered the birth and death records of Florence Edith Hall, I thought that the little girl had been sick and then died at the age of two in September, 1876. The death certificate said her death had occurred at Wellington, Madras, India, so my assumption was that William had been stationed at Wellington at the time of her death. As I discovered and looked closely at William’s record  I found that he had come to Wellington in January, 1876. I don’t know if he was stationed at the hospital or if he was sick. There is a medical record that shows William was in the hospital from September 19 to September 26. The next day his daughter Florence Edith died at Wellington. I don’t know the cause of her death. William’s diagnosis was Muscular Rheumatism, he was treated with local applications, and the reason for his illness was the climate of India. On May 15, 1877, William was at Netley Hospital in England and on June 11, 1877, he was discharged from service. I just can’t figure out what was happening to the family. More research is needed.

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My Mom Ada

This blog traces the family history of my mom, Edith Porter Duffy. From the time I was a little girl, my mom would tell me stories about her family, who all called her Ada. I only wish I had asked her more questions while she was still here!

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