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A Large Household

Family - Like branches on a tree

The next record I found for the Hall family was the 1891 Scotland Census. By this time, William and Mary had had two daughters of their own (Isabella and Elizabeth) and all of William’s older children were still living at home. The family resided at 13 Union Lane, in Perth, Perthshire, in a house with six rooms with windows. This was in the Civil Parish of East Church and the parish of St.  Andrews.

  • William Hall, head, married, 52 years old, occupation of porter, and born in Perth, Perthshire
  • Mary Hall, wife, married, 44 years old, and born in Blair Atholl, Perthshire.
  • Thomas Hall, son, unmarried, 25 years old, railway telegraph clerk, born in India, and British subject
  • James Hall, son, unmarried, 22 years old, printer warehouseman, born in India, and British subject
  • Jane Hall, daughter, unmarried, 19 years old, dyer/finisher, born in India, and British subject
  • Louisa Hall, daughter, unmarried, 13 years old, linen weaver, and born in Perth
  • Lydia Hall, daughter, unmarried 11 years old, scholar, and born in Perth
  • Isabella Hall, daughter, unmarried, 3 years old, and born in Perth
  • Elizabeth Hall, daughter, unmarried, 1-year-old, and born in Perth.

That is the last record I have for William, who died in Perth in September 21, 1898, and for Mary, who died a little earlier on February 22, 1898. It had been quite a life for my gg grandfather, from being a laborer in Perth, to being a private in the British Army in colonial India, to being a porter back in Perth. I am glad I was able to find out so much about him and about Lydia Selina Ramsbottom.

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My Mom Ada

This blog traces the family history of my mom, Edith Porter Duffy. From the time I was a little girl, my mom would tell me stories about her family, who all called her Ada. I only wish I had asked her more questions while she was still here!

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