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Sarah Purdie Barnes Hall

Sarah Purdie Barnes was born on October 6, 1878 at 30 Townhead, Irvine, County of Ayr, in Scotland. Her parents were James Barnes, a joiner journeyman, and Sarah Barnes, née Purdie. James and Sarah had been married on April 29, 1870, in Kilmarnook. This information came from Sarah’s birth record on Scotland’s People.

The Barnes family can be found in the censuses of Scotland:

  • 1871 – James, head, 25, cabinetmaker, living at 12 Douglas Street, Kilmarnock; Sarah, wife, 22; and Barbara, daughter, 9 months.
  • 1881 – James, head, 35, joiner, living at 22 Bentinck Street, Kilmarnock; Sarah, wife, 33; Barbara, daughter, 10; Maggie, daughter, 6; Sarah, daughter, 2; and John Aflack, 35, boarder.
  • 1891 – Sarah, head, 43, living at 17 James Little Street, Kilmarnock; Barbara, daughter, 20; Maggie, daughter, 16; Sarah, daughter, 12; and Agnes, daughter, 7.
  • 1901 – Sarah, head, 51, laundress, living at 15 James Little Street in Kilmarnock; Maggie, daughter, 24, laundress; Sarah, 21 ,daughter, laundress; and Nancy, 17, daughter, wool shop assistant. (Note: Nancy can be a nickname for Agnes.)
  • 1911 – Sarah, head, 63, living at 15 James Little Street, Kilmarnock; Sarah, 29 ,daughter, laundress, working on own account at home; Agnes, 25, daughter, assistant photographer; Sissie P. Blain, 4, granddaughter, school; and John B. Watt, 20, boarder, photographer. The grandchild was Sarah Purdie Blaine, born to Margaret Paterson Barnes and James Blain on August 11, 1907. Maggie and James were married on June 5, 1902.

Remember, Sarah married Thomas Hall on September 1, 1916, in Kilmarnock. When Thomas died in 1917, Sarah is listed as his wife, living at 22 Hauraki Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. And yet Sarah was also listed as present in Glasgow at Thomas’ death on his death certificate. I can’t find Sarah on passenger lists to New Zealand. Later New Zealand records indicate that Sarah lived in New Zealand until she died in 1958, and that her sister Nancy (Agnes) Boyd Honore was the executor of her estate. Nancy (Agnes) also died in New Zealand, in 1965. There is a story here somewhere. I just haven’t found it yet.

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My Mom Ada

This blog traces the family history of my mom, Edith Porter Duffy. From the time I was a little girl, my mom would tell me stories about her family, who all called her Ada. I only wish I had asked her more questions while she was still here!

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